How did you cut the Curious George and Morristown Pediatric Dentistry logos into the corn?

For 2017, our Maze Design was cut for Curious George and our Title Sponsor – Morristown Pediatric Dentistry! We have 2 ways to “cut” our maze available to us every year. 1. The Low-Tech Way: We map and flag the entire maze by hand when it has grown to ankle height. We then mount backpack sprayers and methodically follow our flags – spraying a super concentrated herbicide along the way. 2. The High-Tech Way: We use a computer and a Satellite GPS system that is accurate within an inch. The actual cutting of the corn only takes about 5 hours with a tractor that is equipped with GPS on-board computers. This type of cutting can be done at night, with GPS system guiding, as there is no need to be able to see where we’re going! Once it’s all designed, we just trust the GPS!


How long does it take to finish the Maze?

It takes anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour to find all 6 punch stations and complete the Farm Scene Investigation game. We designed our maze to be confusing and fun but not unnecessarily long or tiring. Why would you want to spend 3 hours in the corn maze when there’s SO much other stuff to see and do at Adventure Ranch? We’ve found about an hour in the corn maze is perfect!


What kind of corn does Adventure Ranch plant?

We plant what farmers call Cow Corn or Silage Corn. This type of corn has a strong stalk, broad leaves and can rise to over 13 feet tall! The hybrid type of corn we plant grows very well in Tennessee’s heat of the summer with little rain, and is also resistant to worms and other insects. After Adventure Ranch closes for the Fall, the entire Corn Maze will be harvested and used by a local farmer as feed for his animals. Yum!


Does Adventure Ranch accept Credit & Debit Cards on site?

Yes, onsite Admission Tickets purchased with cards, have $1.00 convenience fees.


Who created Adventure Ranch?

Adventure Ranch is family-owned and was created by the owners of the Great Smoky Farm. Please click on the Great Smoky Farm Link above for more information about all the offerings and exciting opportunities at the Great Smoky Farm Plantation.

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